Meet Dan

Meet Dan

I grew up on the family property out in the Orara Valley with my family. Parents, Hans and Trish. My two Brothers Jake and Hans jnr. My four sister Kelly, Louise, Phoebe and Rennie. 

I had a Love for Rugby league along with my father and two brothers, playing for the Orara Valley Axemen. 

My background outside football is in mental health as a registered nurse, it was something I was extremely passionate about in helping people become better and making a difference in my community.

Recently I have taken a step back from that line of work to pursue my real passion in letting the world taste our beef jerky.

Dad was a huge influence in our local community and started OVBJ in 2007. Making Jerky for the local footy games and in turn it grew to the local business’s and throughout the Valley.

We have grown up eating our Jerky and the flavours and spices have been the same since 07. It’s safe to say we love our Beef Jerky.

I recently bought the business from mum and dad in 2019 as they were ready for retirement and I knew I wanted to share what I had grown up eating with my family to the world. I also wanted to carry on Mum and Dads legacy through Beef Jerky.

The company now consists of my brother Hans jnr, great lifelong friend in Ryan and the two Burgess boys Luke and Sam who are like family to us here In the Valley. 

We all share the same passion and thirst for life. Family, Friendship, footy and great food. Even more importantly we all LOVE our Beef Jerky.

We started calling ourselves the ‘Jerkyboyz’ to begin with as fun however it has caught on now and here we are. The JerkyBoyz

I have 4 children, and they are my passion. I want to show them that if you have a dream, you can follow it if you apply yourself properly. Passion and hard work can take you wherever you choose in life. 

Making the world’s best jerky fuels my fire and being the best role model for my children is why I am taking the jerky as far as possible. One day I would like everyone in the world to be able to get their hands on OVBJ.

I enjoy eating our jerky most whilst watching a movie with my kids or having a few beers around the fire with the jerky boyz celebrating a good day’s work or little milestones we achieve.

My favourite flavour of jerky is Hot & Spicy

With Love,


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