Meet Hans

Meet Hans

So before becoming a jerkyboy I was working for myself as a painter/decorator on the central coast.

I had the opportunity to become a part of OVJ when Dan had approached me and said that he and the other boys wanted me on board. I couldn’t refuse the offer as it meant getting to grow a business that my Dad and mum created  I also get to work with my brother (Dan) ,Ryan, Sam and Luke it really was a no brainer. It also allows me to go back to where I grew up and be around family and friends. 

My role at OVJ is in the kitchen (engine room) doing the labour sides of things but everyone gets in the kitchen and pulls there own weight when needed. 

My favourite flavour is Hot and Spicy it’s the perfect amount of of heat for me and you can eat it all day long. 

Best way to enjoy OVJ is whenever you want it’s the ultimate snack to have with you either it be for smoko, after training, enjoying an afternoon beer or even those lazy days at home!! 


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