Meet Ryan

Meet Ryan

I’ve grown up in the orara Valley region, playing rugby league for the orara valley Axemen  since I was 5 years old.

It’s in my dna and has been my life to date. 

I’m an electrician by trade but have recently quit to pursue our love of Jerky.

Dan (head Jerkyboy) was my coach when I was 6 years old for 3 years and then again when I was 16 onwards. It’s fair to say we’re lifelong friends.

When the opportunity to become a JerkyBoy, and yet again become teammates with Dan and the boyz in the next stage of life it was too good an opportunity to turn down, I instantly quit my electrician work and believed in growing this hidden gem so the whole of Australia and one day the world can taste our award winning jerky.

I’m known in the group as a picky/simple eater….however when it comes to the jerky I eat everything. The boys can’t believe it - I’m the only one who can handle the extreme. And let me tell you. It is extreme for you chilli lovers, come and give it a whirl.  

I most enjoy our Jerky at any time of the day to be honest, but if I had to narrow it down to when I eat the most it would be after training or after I’ve played a game of footy. 

I am partial to constantly nibbling whilst in the kitchen just like Sam.

My favourite flavour is extra hot and spicy. 

Please enjoy our Jerky just like we do.

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