Meet Sam

Meet Sam

I retired from professional sport in 2019 and have recently taking up a head coaching job here in the beautiful Orara Valley.

Assigning an assistant coach here I was fortunate enough to meet Dan Van Der Donk and his family. 

Not to mention the Jerky. The Jerky was so good I had to buy into the family business.

We had an instant connection and chemistry that spanned across food, family, footy and creating the best Jerky in the world.

I’m a passionate person and it tends to flow into all aspects of my life. Hence the birth of the ‘JerkyBoyz’.

I’m most motivated when working on projects I love and enjoy with people who I connect with.


My role in the company is chief Jerky tester. The running joke between the Jerky Boyz is I eat away at all the profit in the kitchen. 

My official role in the company is head of sales but most of all we work as a team as we find it more effective.

We all muck in and get dirty in the kitchen when it’s time to do the work.

And that’s what we love about the JerkyBoyz.

Nobody is above anyone and nobody below. Always together.

My favourite way to enjoy Jerky is almost anytime but if I had to say a favourite. 

It’s after a gym session on the way to a meeting or inbetween my lunch and dinner as a mid afternoon snack.

Favourite flavour is hot and Spicy.

I just can’t get enough. 

I hope you enjoy our Jerky just as much as we do. 


With love.


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