The Jerky Boyz

The Jerky Boyz are a crew of 5 with a love of good times & feel-good snacks. The boyz have the tough gig of tasting and perfecting deliciously dangerous jerky flavours so you and your crew can taste the goodness.

The Jerky Boyz have created a number of flavours made from quality Australian Beef which has been marinated using a secret blend of herbs and spices that will satisfy a whole crowd. Our Jerky is low in fat & high in protein, so you can dive into guilt-free snacking.

Orara Valley Jerky is made using quality beef trimmed of fat and marinated in a unique blend of secret seasonings and spices before slow drying. The Jerky Boyz have been trying and tasting the jerky flavours for several years now with 6 flavours for you to share with a beer & the boyz!

2017 Award

Orara Valley Jerky is an award winning brand. At the 2016 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show Deli Meat Competition a Silver Medal was awarded to Orara Valley Jerky for the Kangaroo with Bush Spices, and another 4 Bronze Medals for some of our other flavours.

Our Jerky is made in licenced premises (NSW Food Authority Lic 21981) and we implement, maintain and comply with a food safety program certified by the Authority (HACCP Food Safety Program)

2016 Award