Our Products

Our Jerky is made using quality beef trimmed of fat and marinated in a unique blend of seasonings and spices before slow drying. Our family have been processing beef jerky for several years now for you to enjoy

Our range of Beef Jerky includes Garlic Pepper, Spicy, Hot and Spicy, Extra Hot and Spicy Extreme Chilli and Kangaroo with Bush Spices.

Hot and Spicy

A spicy jerky with a medium chilli flavour


A spicy but not hot beef jerky,

Extreme Chilli

Our hottest jerky made with the worlds hottest chilli the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

Extra Hot and Spicy

A spicy jerky made with hot habanero chilli.

Garlic Pepper

A smokey garlic beef with cracked pepper

Kangaroo Jerky

Dried marinated kangaroo made with Australian bush spices